Doing a Quick Once-Over on Your Bike

The last thing you want when you've gotten out on the road or trail is to have a problem with your bike. So, here are a few quick tune-ups you should do before you hit the road. Brakes: Ensuring your brakes are working well is vitally important. Make sure you check your pads often to prevent rim damage and to ensure that your bike actually stops when it is supposed to. Adjusting the tension is also important. Chain: Degrease the chain and re-lube it. Clean rear sprockets with a brush tool. Gears: Check derailleur gear action and cables. Degrease chain and re-lube. Clean rear sprockets with brush tool. Pedals: Make sure the axle spins freely. Check bottom bracket axles for looseness. Steering: Make sure handlebar and stem is tight. Frame: Check for damage. Make sure the seat is adjusted appropriately for your height. Wheels: Make sure spokes and nipples are tightened and wheels are trued. Check tire pressure and condition. If your suspension fork is quick release, make sure they are tightly fastened, and don't forget to check tire pressure. If these basic bases are covered, then you're in for a great ride.


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